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Our Team

Adv. Anand S. Gupta

B.Sc., LL.B., DIP. IPR LAW (Indian Law Institute) +17 Yrs working with different Court, Forum, Tribunal, Authorities etc for litigation and I P support issues,

Adv. Amar Kumar Srivastawa

+10 Yrs working on Legal matters,

Adv. Ram Manohar Bhargav

+20 yrs Working Exp. on criminal matters.

C.A. Viresh Rai

Experts of Accounts, Audit and incorporation affairs.

Brajesh Ohdar(M.C.A.)

An Expert from IT Industry(E-Learning, Web, App, Software, IT Infrastructure Development.)

Patent Agent Akhilesh Kumar

Experts of Patent drafting & Prosecution,

Adv. Ram Prakash Gupta

Expert Revenue & Real Estate matters.

Adv R Jain (LL.M)

Experts IPR Cases particularly Trade Marks & Patents.

Sh Pawan Kumar (MBA)

Marketing and liaison Experts,

Sh J Kumar (M.Com)

Liaison officer

Mrs. Neera Gupta

MA, PG Dip. Office Mgmt – Head Marketing & Admin

Adv. Santosh Choudhary

+5 yrs working experience in Civil Cases

Adv. Ajay Bhatnagar

Experts for Registration of Society, Trust etc matters

Adv. N Das Gupta

Experts I P Litigation matters,

Adv S K Chhaparia

Experts Accidental Compensation matters

Along with above mentioned team, we have our network and an Associated team, Tie-ups at almost every region, city of India for the disposal of cases/matters.


OUR CONSULTANTS We are motivated, guided, controlled and suggested by our Experts and Consultants who are the experts of their respective fields of services since long. A few of them are -

Sh. Mahender P Bhatnagar

The legendary figure in Indian Patent fraternity.

Sh. Umesh Kumar (M.D.)

A Recognized face in Indian Pharma. Industry,

Dr Anil Jaisawal (Director)

Leading Sociologist & H R Consultants.

Sh Nawal Kishore (B.Tech.)

The US based IT Experts,

Prof. K Kumar (LL M)

Experts of Legal & Corporate Legal Affairs.

Sh B. Lal (Ex Zonal Manager – SBI)

Experts of Finance / Banking issues.

Sh Sanjay Gupta (B.E.)

 Expert Technical matters for Patent & Technology.